Performing the Load Forecasting, Purchasing, Reconciliation, and Cost Disaggregation functions and refining the processes for the past 15 years has made it clear to us that there is much more than “meets the eye” when it comes to ensuring success in the Electricity Market. One of the challenges that generally frustrates suppliers is trying to understand (and control) their costs.

To help our Customers overcome these challenges, Lynx is continually expanding our Service offerings:
  • Load Forecasting and Backcasting
  • Power and Capacity Procurement / Management
  • Environmental Credit Management / Procurement / Reporting
  • Portfolio Risk Management (hedging)
  • Retrospective Costing Analyses
  • Costing Projections (by utility, zone, service class)
  • Profitability Analyses (Portfolio, Segment, and Meter-specific)
  • Bill-ready and Rate-ready pricing assistance
  • Billed and Unbilled Revenue Analyses
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • LynxEMS Costing/Pricing Portal (meter-level analysis)
  • LynxEMS Reporting Portal (customizable reports)