Key components of LynxEMS are Business Continuance, Disaster Recovery Preparedness, and Planning. By combining the latest technology, redundant infrastructure, and technical expertise, we ensure that all mission critical processes are “fail-safe”. For example, it is our standard practice to schedule power and submit purchasing decisions two weeks in advance (the maximum allowed by the NYISO). If market conditions change, we make the necessary modifications to our schedule or purchases.

This process is in place to allow us to recover in the “highly improbable” occurrence of a total system interruption. It’s “highly improbable” because we have a mirror site which contains copies of the entire Energy Management System. A total system interruption would actually be a failure of two systems at two disparate locations (Buffalo and Rochester). In addition to redundant infrastructure, a comprehensive system of on-site and off-site back-ups has been implemented to insure the availability and reliability of all applications and data.

Another key strength of LynxEMS is Process Documentation. For example, Power Scheduling is a 6 step process that concludes with a cross-check of the schedule we intended to submit to the NYISO and a report from the NYISO that details what they received. Furthermore, three members of the EMS Team have automatic calendar alerts set for Power Scheduling, in the event they didn’t receive confirmation that the schedule was submitted.

Our LynxEMS Costing Portal has specialized tools designed to provide guidance on the cost to serve particular electric accounts. By using this portal, you can control the baseline assumptions (forward flat energy, forward ICAP, forward Ancillary Service costs) and the system provides an economic evaluation of future all-in cost to serve.

Portal Screenshots